Certified to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish every type of electronic device in an environmentally responsible manner, ERI today has the capacity to process more than a billion pounds of electronic waste annually at its eight certified locations, serving every zip code in the United States.

But how did we get here?

Founded in 2002, ERI's unique blend of "green DNA” and cybersecurity focus allows us to safeguard the aforementioned organizations, people, and the environment completely with respect to data security, data privacy, and environmental issues related to IT and electronics asset disposition.

Although there are thousands of companies in the United States that do some aspect of electronics recycling, ERI recycles an estimated 5% of all e-waste recycled in the United States -- through the largest, most efficient shredding system in North America.

Unlike competitors focused more on sales than compliance, ERI has a robust compliance and regulatory affairs team that is larger than our team of sales professionals. We continue to be focused on growth, but at ERI, we know the best way to increase our business is to effectively and responsibly protect yours.

ERI is committed to provide safeguards for our clients, our employees, and the environment. We are, in fact, the first company in the world to hold NAID AAA, R2, and e-Stewards certifications. What that means to you is that we are certified at the highest level possible for data destruction, sanitization and environmentally responsible recycling. It also means that we are subject to periodic and unannounced audits by third-parties and clients totaling over 60 audits per year across our eight facilities – an audit per week on average! We don't just say we are compliant, we consistently prove it at a level unmatched by any competitor.

Key Facts


ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and Electronics Asset Disposition Provider in the US.

Why It Matters

Nationwide coverage and fiscal security means no interruption of service due to bankruptcies, closures, and pressures to cut corners that can result in data security of environmental issues.


We have the smallest downstream footprint of any competitor.

Why It Matters

Chain of custody issues are eliminated by not requiring handoffs of assets three or more layers downstream.


We are the first (and only) provider in the industry that holds NAID, e-Stewards, and R2 certifications at the highest levels of compliance.

Why It Matters

R2 and e-Stewards are the baseline for independent and third-party certification for sustainable IT asset disposal and both certifications address data security issues. Both standards require data destruction and recommend following NIST 800-88 guidelines.

Those standards focus on responsible, proper and sustainable handling of environmental hazards. As noted by IAITAM IT Asset Database: "E-Stewards provides more depth than R2, however neither is as robust as AAA NAID certification when it comes to addressing data privacy concerns."


We have the most innovative electronics processing technology, techniques and service delivery methods. Examples include:

  • First self-contained flat panel shredder system
  • Unique CRT glass separation and processing
  • Enhanced commodity separation technology
  • Patented electronics collection bins
  • User-friendly USB local data wipe solution
  • Expansive mail back recycling kit program for batteries, lamps, and electronics
  • Robust configurable and extensible Tracking and Reporting portal including mobile tracking

Why It Matters

ERI's core business is IT and electronics asset disposition. We are not a "bolt on” or "added value” to a much larger company with differing priorities, or a one facility operation that can't afford to innovate. Innovation propels our growth and improves efficiencies that benefit clients through improved service delivery as well as expanded options to meet unique client needs.

ERI Differentiators

Prospective clients often ask us what our competitive advantages are. As the leader in IT and electronics asset disposition, and with the most comprehensive service offerings in the industry, we stand above all competition when making comparisons in any significant category.

This comparison chart may help serve as a quick capabilities and differentiation checklist for prospective clients seeking a provider or considering a change in their current relationship, while also providing questions to consider when looking at other service providers.

Characteristics & Capabilities Competitors ERI
In-house capability to process large volumes of electronics and IT assets (tens of millions of pounds) from data sanitization to commodity separation? No Yes
In-house capability to process all Video Display Devices including CRTs and Flat panels? No Yes
Capability to process all types of IT and electronic assets in-house; such as electronic toys, ATMs, data center equipment, POS devices, etc. Unlikely Yes
Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting Portal? Maybe Yes
Revenue-sharing, including parts harvesting resale? Unlikely Yes
Guaranteed compliance with all existing applicable federal, state, local and NGO requirements for IT and electronic asset disposition? Unlikely Yes
Capable of high security data and device destruction, including demilitarization? Unlikely Yes
Electronics mail-in recycling box program? Maybe Yes
User-friendly local data destruction? No Yes
Zero export policy for non-working electronics to developing countries? Maybe Yes
Zero landfill policy for electronics? Maybe Yes
20+ employees dedicated to compliance to ensure delivery on all of the above? No Yes