Many clients prefer or require having their IT assets destroyed on-site as opposed to sending them to our facility for destruction. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to ERI’s fleet of electronic destruction vehicles.

How On-Site Shredding Works

Instead of sending IT assets to ERI’s facility, clients can request that one of our secure electronic destruction vehicles come to their location. These vehicles are equipped to handle the destruction of hard drives, cell phones, computers, tapes, CDs, and other electronic equipment.

ERI can also provide clients with a secure data bin that can be used to collect any assets that need to be destroyed. The steel-plated bin can be locked to keep all of the assets safe until our destruction vehicle arrives.

Once we arrive, the IT assets will be taken inside the truck, where our professionals will be counted or serialized. The serial numbers on each device will be recorded before the device is shredded. This allows clients to keep track of their assets even after they have been destroyed. Clients will also receive certificates of destruction for each IT asset so they have a record of everything that has been destroyed.

Since the assets are destroyed inside the vehicle, clients can have keep a watchful eye on their assets throughout the process to ensure the destruction is done properly. After the process is complete, the shredded materials will be transported to an ERI facility. Our team will then remove aluminum, glass, metals and other recyclables from the shredded materials.

The Security of On-Site Shredding

Many clients worry that the data on their IT assets will somehow be compromised while the assets are being transported to a recycler for destruction. With on-site shredding, this should no longer be a concern since the assets are not moved from the client’s location until they are destroyed.

The process that is used to shred IT assets within our vehicles meets or surpasses all U.S. government standards related to the destruction of sensitive data and IT assets. It also surpasses the data destruction standards established by the Department of Defense and the National Institute For Standards and Technology. Therefore, there’s no need to worry that the data will be compromised or retrievable after the device has been destroyed.

In addition, all of ERI’s employees have been thoroughly trained to handle sensitive data. Each employee also has to pass rigorous background checks before they are hired at one of our facilities. The trustworthiness of our employees combined with our innovative destruction process should put our clients’ minds at ease about the security of their sensitive data.

On-Site Shredding is Safe For the Environment

Destroying old IT assets through on-site shredding is also environmentally friendly. Unlike other e-waste recyclers, we do not use harmful chemicals at any point in the data destruction or shredding process. As a result, shredding IT assets inside our trucks is not harmful to the environment or people. The shredded materials are also completely recyclable, which means nothing that is shredded in our vehicles will end up sitting in a landfill.

On-Site Data Erasure Services

ERI also offers several on-site data erasure services that may be of interest to our clients. First, clients can request that our team erase data on their devices. The device would remain in the client’s possession after the data has been erased so it can be reused internally or resold. ERI also offers data erasure services for employees who are working remotely. A bootable USB drive can be created that gives the remote employee the power to wipe the hard drive on their own. The USB drive will automatically create a detailed report that outlines each drive that the remote employee has destroyed. Once this report is retrieved, ERI will be able to provide a certificate of data destruction to the client.

For more information on our on-site shredding, contact ERI at 1-800-ERI-DIRECT or request a quote by filling out the form on our website.

ERI is the largest fully integrated Electronics & IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States.

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The ERI Advantage

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  • ERI wipes devices in accordance with Department of Defense (DOD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards before being sent to its state-of-the-art e-waste shredders. To further ensure the safety and security of client data, ERI offers video verification of process as well as a Certificate of Destruction.

  • ERI is the nation’s largest e-waste recycler, with nine facilities servicing every zip code nationwide, and partners around the globe. It doesn’t matter where a company, organization or individual is located, ERI is here to serve.

  • Electronic devices are assigned a serial number, enabling tracking from entry to final disposition using ERI’s proprietary technology, Optech™. Information regarding electronic devices can be accessed at any point in the destruction and recycling process, ensuring complete transparency and verifying all regulatory requirements have been met.

  • ERI was the first e-waste recycler in the U.S. to be dual-certified by e-Stewards and NAID AAA , demonstrating its continued commitment to maintaining the highest environmental standards.

  • No matter the type of organization or company, ERI can help safely and responsibly recycle electronic devices, offering add-on services such as glass cleaning, mail back, asset refurbishment, trailer staging, direct pick- up and white glove service, among others.