ERI is committed to providing our clients with the highest value of return on capital asset investments. Through ERI’s Asset Recovery Program, ERI can identify, sanitize, test, refurbish and resell each device. ERI is focused on maximizing the value of not only intact, tested, and working devices but, is also skilled at “harvesting” useful parts that are also remarketed.

The parts harvesting process is unique to ERI and allows our clients to generate revenue from otherwise non-working devices. ERI’s remarketing and investment recovery services offer revenue-share potential from these sales and provide a significant value-add back to the customer for the management of its end-of-life electronics.

ERI’s asset management team specializes in complete asset refurbishment and resale including the following:

  • Testing, Auditing and Tracking

    Once equipment has been received and is centrally located, ERI will perform testing and auditing services to determine the usefulness of the item and to capture important tracking information from each major component.

  • Data Security

    Due to the sensitive information contained in almost all electronic memory components, ERI follows a stringent data management process to ensure that sensitive data is not inadvertently compromised.

  • Valuation Process

    ERI will determine current market conditions and identify equipment that can be resold at a fair and reasonable price. Part of the validation process includes a determination on what type of a return-on-investment can be achieved.

ERI is the largest fully integrated electronics & IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. 

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The ERI Advantage

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  • ERI wipes devices in accordance with Department of Defense (DOD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards before being sent to its state-of-the-art e-waste shredders. To further ensure the safety and security of client data, ERI offers video verification of process as well as a Certificate of Destruction.

  • ERI is the nation’s largest e-waste recycler, with eight facilities servicing every zip code nationwide, and partners around the globe. It doesn’t matter where a company, organization or individual is located, ERI is here to serve.

  • Electronic devices are assigned a serial number, enabling tracking from entry to final disposition using ERI’s proprietary technology, MyTrackTech™. Information regarding electronic devices can be accessed at any point in the destruction and recycling process, ensuring complete transparency and verifying all regulatory requirements have been met.

  • ERI was the first e-waste recycler in the U.S. to be dual-certified by e-Stewards and R2, demonstrating its continued commitment to maintaining the highest environmental standards.

  • No matter the type of organization or company, ERI can help safely and responsibly recycle electronic devices, offering add-on services such as glass cleaning, mail back, asset refurbishment, trailer staging, direct pick- up and white glove service, among others.