For nearly 20 years, ERI has been a leader in nationwide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) compliance including state programs, Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) states, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs, as well as voluntary initiatives. ERI works with some of the largest OEMs in national OEM program management as an OEM partner, and OEM administrator, as well as acting as a partner for retail, non-profit, and municipal channels. ERI's compliance and take-back programs provide a one-stop national solution to our OEM partners enabling nationwide voluntary and regulatory compliance and take-back services in every state.

ERI's OEM and Compliance teams support a comprehensive compliance program including all the following services:

  • State Planning

    ERI remains current on all state requirements, rules, and potential legislative changes to prepare an OEM on their individual requirements in each state. As an expert consultant and solution provider, ERI will ensure you remain complaint with the ever changing landscape of state OEM compliance.

  • Established Diverse Collection Networks

    ERI utilizes a combination of retail, government, non-profit, mail-back, and private collector programs to ensure a diverse and efficient network in each state. This includes both required collection networks as well as voluntary networks throughout the country.

  • Certified and Verifiable Responsible Processing

    All material processed meets our stringent and certified processing standards, which are the highest in the industry both for sustainability, data security, as well as various additoinal state and local standards and regulations.

  • Vendor Auditing

    ERI is the only OEM compliance provider to have downstream partners fully integrated and invested in ERI. Our downstream vendors are all routinely audited to ensure program compliance.

  • Efficient Transportation Options

    ERI utilizes our scope and size to ensure cost effective and efficient transportation. With 9 locations strategically located from coast to coast, ERI's network of facilities will minimize transportation costs and environmental impacts through logistics.

  • Compliance Management

    ERI will track your compliance towards your obligations and state submissions. Utilizing our proptietary software Optech, ERI's team and our end OEM customers can login to view program status at anytime.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    ERI provides timely invoices and reports to ensure proper program management. Reporting can be viewed on-demand through Optech, automated via email, or provided at any time via your dedicated customer relationship manager.

  • Public Education Tools

    ERI provides support on web and education requirements in specific states. In addition, ERI partners can exceed their minimum obligations and implement nationwide or targeted voluntary programs, implement EPEAT programs, register for the EPA SMM Challenge, and receive public recognition for their support of ERI's innovative programs.

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