Companies today can capitalize on the popular ‘greening’ of all things from consumer products to cars. Taking a green approach to office electronics purchases is yet another way to demonstrate your company means business when it comes to protecting the environment. 

Additionally, a number of good habits in the office easily translate into energy savings and environmental responsibility.  These smart choices include shutting off all power at the end of the day, using energy-saving powerstrips, installing LED lighting and even implementing a thorough recycling program at the office. There are also ways to benefit from purchasing green electronics – especially those created with electronic recycling in mind.

EPEAT and EPEAT Criteria

One of the best ways to understand green electronics is to purchase EPEAT certified electronics. EPEAT (short for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is an international rating system for electronics manufactures governed by the Green Electronics Council. The program began in 2003 with the EPA leading the way for stakeholders to come on board. The program now has over 60 manufacturers involved representing 43 countries. 

The EPEAT rating system is a convenient way for companies to truly show that they’re committed to the manufacture of environmentally smart electronics. At its outset, the worldwide registry allowed only computers and displays, but in 2013, it added printers, scanners, copiers and multifunction devices. 

The program has attracted thousands of purchasers, and its manufacturers represent more than 80 percent of the global consumer electronics market.

Today, hundreds of electronics fit the EPEAT criteria. This includes that the device be created with recyclable components and with the idea of recycling and sustainability generally at the forefront. In all, a total of 33 environmental criteria must be met for the Bronze level certification. For the Silver and Gold level certification, products must meet these and at least 26 more optional criteria as well.

Top 5 Green Electronics

In this post, we'll take a look at the top five green electronics making a significant impact in the office and leading companies toward ending the e-waste crisis.

1. ACER Travelmate P648

The ACER Travelmate P648 is certified EPEAT just this year. It’s promotions describe it as an ideal business travel device, boasting a battery life that offers perfect reliability during overseas flights, among other attributes. 

ACER an UK based company adheres to WEEE characteristics for recycling electronics. Following WEEE regulations, ACER must follow Extended Producer Responsibility by collecting and recycling the end of life electronics it produces.

As part of the Acer design scheme no lead, mercury or cadmium is used in their batteries and batteries are recycled separately from other device components. This feature is a trend among electronics produces and manufacturers striving to improve performance in the area of environmental stewardship.

2. HP Laserjet MFD’s

The multifunctional device is product of the 21st century. Just over the past two and a half decades the printer/scanner/copier/fax machines, also known as MFDs or MFPs, have become well-known among both businesses and consumers. 

At least one HP Laserjet MFP is currently registered as a Gold EPEAT product. This means that it meets all required EPEAT criteria plus at least 75% of the optional criteria.

3. Xerox Work Center 5325 Copier

Though the clunky copying machines of the 70’s and 80’s are a thing of the past, the need to find sustainable ways to deal with copiers as they reach the end-of-life phase is not. Xerox, a name so synonymous with copiers it’s become generic, has a firm grip of the green side of copying machines. Many of the company’s copiers, such at the Xerox Work Center 5325 Copier,  are certified EPEAT gold or silver products.

4. Samsung TV’s

A television works well at home and even at the office. The flat screens of today can be be seen in boardrooms and conference rooms across America. Even better is when a television purchase is easily recyclable and sustainably manufactured.

That’s the case with many of Samsung's televisions. The company has registered a number of its flat screen models as Silver certified EPEAT products. This means that, in addition to meeting all required EPEAT criteria, these TV’s also meet 50% of the optional criteria.

5. Apple’s Macbook

The history of Apple and EPEAT is quite interesting. Apple only recently returned to EPEAT certification after a hiatus due to concerns about approval and compliance. Now Apple’s Macbook on of the most popular laptop’s in history is certified Gold EPEAT with fewer recycling hazards than ever before. 

Green Electronics For the Office

It’s import to understand the significance of green electronics solutions for business and home. Green electronics inspire manufacturers to create devices that are both unique in design and environmentally sustainable. They also encourage greener thinking among purchasers and consumers.

Creating more and more products using recycled components is a great service to the environment, and creating devices with recycling in mind can make it easier for consumers and recyclers to dispose of electronics in ways that don't create hazardous environmental conditions or lead to increased waste in landfills. 

The next time you’re looking to purchase green electronics for home or office, check out the manufacturer’s list on EPEAT. Purchasing from these manufacturers is an excellent way to ensure your selection is both valuable and environmentally responsible.