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The Insecurity of Everything

How hardware data security became the biggest issue facing the world today

Do you know where your old devices are ending up? In today’s day and age, nearly every device bears data, from a printer to laptop, smartwatch to smartphone, your data is everywhere and your devices are becoming obsolete faster than ever before.

Electronic waste is a heap of a problem for our society and it turns out it isn’t just an environmental issue, but a cybersecurity one too.

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What Readers Are Saying

Opened my eyes to many cyber security issues I never thought about before

Really gives you a lot to think about with regards to cyber security. I thought it would be more about data destruction but gives you a lot to think about with regards to our day to day life and should make everyone more careful. It would be really great if companies strived to protect our data over and above what the government requires.

We all need to keep ongoing cyber security with our ongoing activities as well as destruction of hardware, both from a data destruction and environmental impact standpoint.

Our information is not secure

Very interesting and informative reading. It is shocking how far we have come and how much our life is no longer confidential or personal in our control. The book shows how our daily activities our life is cyber connected placing our information everywhere all over the world.

After reading The Insecurity Of Everything I realize the need to make sure all electronics devices we are discarding the data is erased to protect our security. Excellent book should be an addition to every household library.

Combines years of knowledge and experience with deep research and expertise

A book that really makes you think about the devices you own and how everything is connected.

Would highly recommend if you're wanting to learn more about how insecure your various gadgets can be, how to get rid of them in a way that doesn't negatively affect the environment, and why companies should focus more on security and protecting personally identifiable information.