Central Valley businessman John Shegerian says China offers a vast, virtually untapped market for American goods, especially many of those produced in the Central Valley.

Mr. Shegerian is president and CEO of Electronic Recyclers of America LLC, a Fresno-based electronics waste recycling company. He accompanied Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on a trade mission to China in mid-November.

“China is bursting with economic activity and they’re beginning to significantly address some of their environmental consequences,” he says. Mr. Shegerian says China could create its own internal markets for properly dealing with the growing international waste stream of cast-off electronics equipment.

“The trip was amazing, really. I’ve been thinking for years that China is the future and I realized when I was there that it’s more than the future. China is the ‘now,’” Mr. Shegerian says. “It’s almost limitless in terms of what the opportunities that are represented for the Central Valley in China.”

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