The city and county of Napa, California and its residents held a two-day event in June that rounded up more than 179 tons of computer monitors, televisions, cell phones and other electronic junk.

Partnering with Electronic Recyclers, the City of Napa announced its total numbers for the free countywide public collection event. The event, which was the sixth annual function of its kind in the Napa region, resulted in the collection of 359,217 pounds of electronic waste.

At this year’s event, local organization Napa Recycling & Waste Services (NRWS) handled off-loading, collection and packaging of materials while Electronic Recyclers, which recycles all of the toxic materials it collects at its own Fresno facility, handled shipping and processing for all of the electronic waste brought to the event.

It was also reported that over 10 tons of the total collected will support the reuse programs of the Computer Recycling Center and the Napa Valley Personal Computer Users Group.