Electronic component recycler ElectroniCycle has been purchased by California-based Electronic Recyclers Inc. in what the company said is the first step in a national expansion.

ElectroniCycle has 40 employees, all of whom will be retained, said founder and president Richard A. Peloquin.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The West Broadway company recycles television and computer cathode ray tubes, as well as other electronic items, from state offices, municipalities, businesses and individuals. The company was incorporated in 1999, and had evolved from the former Advanced Electronics, an electronics repair firm, Mr. Peloquin said. ElectroniCycle moved from Spencer to the 50,000-square foot space in Gardner in 2000.

Mr. Peloquin said that recycling electronic parts is a sustainable business, and that while his company has grown, joining Fresno, Calif.-based Electronic Recyclers will foster further expansion.

“We exactly fit the para-meters of their search,” Mr. Peloquin said. “ERI’s goal is to expand into a national company with presence in 10 states,” he said.

Cathode ray tubes are banned from landfills and incinerators because they contain lead and trace amounts of other harmful elements, he said.

All material received at the Gardner facility is manually disassembled, and what is shipped out are raw materials, such as bales of plastic, glass and baled steel, copper and aluminum, he said.

John S. Shegerian, chairman and chief executive officer of Electronic Recyclers, said with the addition of the Gardner facility, Electronic Recyclers is capable of processing more than 70 million pounds of electronic waste per year. Of the total tonnage annually, 80 percent would be from California and 20 percent from the Gardner operations.

“We’ve seen first-hand in California that the recycling of electronic waste is a dynamic industry that brings more jobs and a cleaner environment,” Mr. Shegerian said in a statement. “Now we can bring our successful model and blend it with ElectroniCycle’s existing foundation to make our services available to a broader spectrum of national customers.”

Electronic Recyclers was established three years ago and has 210 employees.

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