WHAT: Dorsey High School in Los Angeles will serve as a collector of electronic waste on Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Teaming with Fresno-based Electronic Recyclers, the high school will provide students, their families and the community at large an opportunity to safely unload their old computers, monitors, printers, television sets and other out-dated, unusable or unwanted electronic items for proper recycling.

The free event is designed to provide residents with the opportunity to finally get rid of those old unwanted items, long since replaced and gathering dust in garages or storage units. The recycling event will also provide much-needed funds for the high school’s football team.

It is illegal to simply throw an unwanted television or computer monitor in the trash in the state of California. Electronic items have toxic elements in them that are environmentally hazardous when they are dumped into landfills. By law, such products must now be recycled properly and in ways that won’t harm the environment.

In an attempt to help the local community, Dorsey High School has become proactive in its efforts to collect electronic waste. The electronics collected will be trucked away and recycled by Fresno-based Electronic Recyclers, the largest recycler of electronic waste in California and Dorsey High School’s partner for this event.

Each year, Californians replace hundreds of thousands of TVs, computers, monitors and other electronic devices. Plus, they store literally millions more that are not used any more in homes, garages and businesses. Electronic products contain valuable resources such as metal, plastic and glass, which can and should be recycled instead of thrown away.

WHERE: Dorsey High School, 3537 Farmdale Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90016

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, August 11th and 12th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

CONTACT: For more information, please call Pam Andrews at 323/291-8799 or Coach Paul Knox at 323/297-7610