Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste, received the prestigious “Prime Time for Business Extraordinaire” commendation last week from the City of Fresno.

“ERI has become an international business now,” said John S. Shegerian, ERI’s Chairman and CEO, who just returned from Asia. “But we are always proud of our roots here in Fresno, where we are headquartered and where we chose to house the world’s largest shredder of electronic waste. Fresno is a great place to start a business and we’re very pleased to have been designated a business leader here. Our success is in large part thanks to what is a tremendous collaboration between the great leaders and city departments of Fresno – from Mayor Swearengin’s office to the offices of Police Chief Jerry Dyer and Fire Chief Randy Bruegman to City Manager Andy Souza and beyond – it’s a collaboration that enables a business such as ERI to thrive here in Fresno while giving something back to the community.”

Earlier this year, the office of Fresno City Council President, Cynthia Sterling and the Department of Community and Downtown Revitalization created the “Prime Time for Business” concept to showcase local businesses live at Fresno City Council meetings.

Businesses selected for the honor receive a commendation from the city and are invited to share the story of their success via public presentation before the Fresno City Council and representatives from City departments. The presentations are also broadcast live on Comcast and available through the internet.

Shegerian told the assembled City leaders ERI’s story of moving a failing computer recycling business to Fresno and in just a few short years converted it to the nation’s leading electronic recycler and a trailblazer in a now burgeoning industry. Shegerian also talked about his commitment to Fresno’s “green collar” workforce and how his recipe for sustainable business has become an inspiration for others in multiple industries.