1-800-Recycling.com, an interactive nationwide website dedicated to enhancing and democratizing the consumer recycling experience, has published the first of several articles on its blog sharing its writers’ personal new year’s resolutions, and perhaps not surprisingly, they are all environment-related.

The first article of the series, by 1-800-Recycling.com writer Joey Papa, is titled “My Green Resolutions” (http://1800recycling.com/2010/01/green-resolutions/) and shares Papa’s own personal resolutions to be live greener for himself and his growing family. The piece is also designed to inspire its readers to follow suit with their own earth-friendly resolutions for 2010. Papa’s include eating organic and natural foods, reusing unwanted food, and doing a better job conserving everyday items including everything from water and electricity to paper cups from the local Starbucks.

Over the next several days, other 1-800-Recycling.com writers will share their own personal new year’s resolutions.

“1-800-Recycling.com was designed to help people achieve their recycling goals and live greener lifestyles overall,” said John S. Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, and parent company of 1-800-Recycling.com. “As this new year kicks off and people are trying to set goals for more sustainable and planet-friendly lifestyles, it seemed a perfect time to showcase not just a selection of suggestions, but the actual resolutions made by our writers, to show our readers that we practice what we preach and that these modest lifestyle changes are very much achievable and hugely rewarding.”

1-800-Recycling.com features an archive of original news articles about green practices for businesses or individuals, recycling, tips, educational information and interviews. Content is updated daily, and for those reading the articles who become inspired, 1-800-Recycling.com provides its visitors everywhere in the United States with a dedicated tool to find recycling locations nearest to them (every zip code in the country is covered) for whatever it is they wish to recycle.

Consumers can also opt to call 1-800-Recycling via telephone for a 24/7 phone line resource. Both the site and the phone service will be able to direct users to responsible recyclers of electronics, tires, oil, paint, glass, plastic, household hazardous waste, wood, mattresses, carpet, junk – basically everything that can be recycled.