Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), a recycler of electronic waste, has received approval from the State of California to utilize a technology system for the recycling of glass from old televisions, computer monitors and cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

Glass recovery and cleaning has long been a challenge for recyclers of electronics, but ERI’s new technology, utilizing a proprietary cleaning system, solves the problem, enabling ERI to clean and process glass on site in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

ERI is the first North American organization to use this glass cleaning technology, developed in Europe. It is already in place at ERI’s Fresno, California location and is being installed at all other ERI locations around the country.

John Shegerian, ERI’s chairman and CEO, said that ERI has gained the rights to utilize the technology in the United States after researching and evaluating its success in European countries such as Italy, Germany, Scotland and England. The technology is has broad acceptance in Europe as the standard for glass processing and is now being used in 18 nations there.

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