The Certified e-Stewards® Initiative, the world’s first third-party audited, accredited international certification program for electronics recyclers that prohibits the export of e-waste to developing countries and enjoys the support of more than 70 environmental organizations, recently named Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste, to its first Leadership Council.

As part of the Leadership Council, ERI will help guide the early development and promotion of the program to ensure truly responsible electronics recycling across the globe.

“We are very fortunate to have this first group of ardent and expert supporters of the e-Stewards Certification volunteer to help advise and shape this program to not only be the most principled electronics recycling certification in existence but the most practical and useful one as well,” said Jim Puckett, Executive Director of the Basel Action Network.

Besides ERI, the new e-Stewards Leadership Council consists of representatives of four other leading U.S. e-Recyclers: Capstone Wireless (TX), CloudBlue (OH), Surplus Exchange (MO) and WeRecycle! (NY). Philips Services Corp., with e-recycling collection facilities across the U.S., will represent e-waste collectors. Samsung and Wells Fargo, both enrolled in the e-Stewards Enterprise program, will represent electronics manufacturers and corporations that generate e-waste. A representative of the Natural Resources Defense Council and two government representatives will round out the Council, ensuring a diversity of viewpoints but all sharing in the common goal of ending e-waste mismanagement.

With disposal of toxic electronic waste on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current priority list, companies and individuals are more aware than ever that recycling electronics responsibly means much more than passing old stuff off to the nearest place that will take it. Determining which recycling options are truly “green” can be an enormous challenge, but thanks to the Certified e-Stewards® Recycler program, selecting a globally responsible recycler is becoming easier than ever.

ERI and its fellow members of the Leadership Council will provide recommendations to BAN in the areas of technical and business issues, policy expertise, marketing and, as appropriate, promotional efforts and governmental lobbying. All members have demonstrated a depth of knowledge of industry issues and a passion to facilitate the achievement of the e-Stewards mission.

“The genuinely responsible recyclers in North America continue to face unfair competition from thousands of unethical, so-called ‘waste recyclers’ that would more accurately be called ‘waste shippers,’” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of ERI. “We strongly support BAN’s efforts to separate the legitimate recyclers from the low-road operators and are extremely proud to have been named to the first e-Stewards Leadership Council.”

The complete list of e-Stewards Leadership Council members is available on the BAN website.

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