Fresno-based Electronic Recyclers International has announced plans to hire 100 people within 100 days to work at its Fresno operations and other recycling facilities around the country.

The company, which recently opened a new recycling line using a “dry-cleaning” process for glass from computer monitor and TV picture tubes, has posted a “Now Hiring” button on its web page.

“Our business is growing fast and we continue to expand into more and more cities around the country,” said John Shegerian, ERI’s chairman and CEO.

Shegerian said the candidates will go through a training program in Fresno. After that, some will remain in the local area and others will relocate to current or future ERI facilities elsewhere.

According to the company, positions include plant managers, assistant managers, recycling specialists, information technology, accounting and clerical, business development and sales, environmental health and safety, repair specialists and warehouse positions.