Chairman C.M. Koo of LS-Nikko Copper in Korea, one of the world’s largest copper smelters, made a visit Aug. 31 to Electronic Recyclers International’s headquarters in Fresno to see for himself the facilities of LS-Nikko’s new partner.

Because of the partnership between the two companies, Electronic Recyclers International, the United States’ foremost electronic waste recycler, has a home for its massive amounts of commodities from its facilities across the country. During his tour Koo got a chance to experience firsthand ERI’s operations, including ERI’s multi-million dollar e-waste shredder, the largest of its kind in the world.

“I did not expect, just the way that they operate,” Koo said. “It’s well-organized, and it’s an efficient operation. Their facilities are very large and very efficient. I’m impressed with their operation.”

In addition to LS-Nikko becoming a downstream vendor for ERI’s outgoing copper, as an experiences multi-billion dollar company it has also shared some of its best practices with ERI, which is on a fast track in its growing stage.

“It’s helped grow up ERI into a bigger and better company,” said ERI’s chairman and CEO John Shegerian.

In May, other officials from LS-Nikko Copper came to see its new liaison office at ERI’s Fresno base. The office is the first one LS-Nikko has opened in this country. Koo mentioned that the recycling industry in Korea is just in its beginning stage.

Koo was not just impressed with the e-waste recycler’s business operations; he also has a great deal of faith in new partner Shegerian.

“He’s a very energetic and very dynamic person,” Koo said. “I really think he’s going to make his business very successful. I really respect him as a business partner.”

Shegerian shared that the letters LS in LS-Nikko stand for “Leading Solution.”

“We like to believe we are also the leading solution in electronic waste recycling in the United States,” he said.