Representatives from Basel Action Network, including Executive Director Jim Puckett, recently visited Electronic Recyclers International’s Fresno headquarters to inspect ERI’s operations and practices.

BAN is a non-profit organization whose mission in part is to prevent the dumping of electronic waste in developing countries. It creates rules and procedures so the industry can have regulations, management and enforcement.

Jim Puckett, executive director of BAN, said the unlawful dumping is all too common.

“That still unfortunately is the norm,” he said. “That’s what most so-called recyclers are doing. They’re not recycling at all, they’re just exporting it to China or Africa.”

BAN went in search of leaders that would help regulate the e-waste industry, and ERI stepped up to the plate.

“ERI was not only one of those leaders, but also helped fund the creation of a certification program,” Puckett said. “So we now have a certification standard for responsible recycling that makes sure they export it, makes sure the data stays secure and private, and keeps employees safe.”

BAN often visits leaders in the industry to conduct on-site tests in order to see if there is possible exposures of metals and contaminants. Puckett mentioned that he has never been to a facility as large as ERI’s.

Chairman and CEO of ERI John Shegerian welcomed the BAN representatives to ERI, and applauded their efforts to cure the problem of e-waste worldwide, calling it the fastest growing waste stream across the globe.

“Basel Action Network coming to ERI is such a landmark event because Basel Action Network has led the way in being a great watchdog agency, and also creating rules and certifications to help grow up a little industry that didn’t even exist 10 years ago,” Shegerian said.