Well, almost anywhere in the world.

Over here in the UK, we’ve got a great resource for finding out how to recycle basic materials in your area.

On Recycle Now, all you have to do is type in your postcode to find out what you can recycle at home via kerbside collections or at your local recycling bring bank. To give you an idea on what you can recycle here in the UK, click ‘start’ on the widget below for some basic information.

You’ll find all sorts of information on the Recycle Now site including what those pesky recycling symbols mean, advice on home composting and why recycling is important.

Up until now, I’ve not known of a similar resource for our US friends. But now I do, thanks to the lovely John Shegerian from Electronic Recylers International (ERI).

Not content with helping rid the landfills of toxic and valuable e-waste, John wants to help people recycle ALL types of waste. He’s developed the number 1 Recycling App for the Apple iPhone; called “My Recycle List” so wherever you are or whatever you are doing, there’s no excuse not to recycle. If you’re at home you can use the widget below to get up to date information on recycling all across the US.

And when you’ve recycled all your stuff and you want to find out more, hop over to his blog. His team uncover some of the most amazing recycling stories such as 7 ways to recycle human hair, creative ways to reuse a wine bottle and information on what aluminium extraction really does to the environment.

If you want to chill out and relax, why not tune into John’s no.1 green radio show, Green is Good? John and his friend Mike Brady spend an hour a week interviewing ‘green’ individuals and organisation from around the world. Last month they interviewed none other than founder of Care2, Randy Paynter and back in Sept yours truly appeared on the show along with Andy Hobsbawm from Do The Green Thing.

If you’re in the US and want to step up your recycling; check out the 1800 Recycling widget below and let me know what you think!

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