Electronic Recyclers International Secures ‘Industry Pioneer’ Award

Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), a recycler of electronic waste, received the “Industry Pioneer” award at this year’s International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

The award was presented to ERI for its leadership role in the e-waste recycling world and technological innovations such as its development of 1-800-Recycling and 1-800-Recycling.com.

“We have looked and continue to look to ERI as a leading example of what the best people and technology can get done in the world of electronic recycling,” said Ismail Oyekan, President and Program Director of the International Electronics Recycling Expo. “Electronic waste from surplus and end of life assets represent the fastest growing waste streams globally. Innovators and organizations such as ERI are taking a leadership role in changing the very way people access information about recycling by democratizing the process. ERI is indeed the leading brand, truly a pioneering organization and so deserving of this award.”

ERI last year unveiled its 1-800-Recycling.com. The website, phone line and mobile smart phone app provides users with a dedicated tool to find recycling locations nearest to them (every zip code in the country is covered) for whatever it is they wish to recycle. The site, phone service or apps direct users to responsible recyclers of electronics, tires, oil, paint, glass, plastic, household hazardous waste, wood, mattresses, carpet, junk – basically everything that can be recycled.

“We are honored and humbled to be recognized by our peers as a pioneer in our industry,” said John Shegerian, ERI’s Chairman and CEO. “That we received the ‘Industry Pioneer’ Award at the International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo for our work in building the largest US geographic footprint with the best technology in all our facilities as well as our online tools, makes it even more special because we believe we have expanded upon what we do to have a positive effect on the environment, individual consumers, businesses of all sizes and even the other companies in our own industry. We also know that our work is far from finished and there are still exciting new trails to be blazed, and to receive an award like this is very inspiring.

Electronic Recyclers International is licensed to de-manufacture and recycle televisions, computer monitors, computers, and other types of electronic equipment. ERI processes more than 140 million pounds of electronic waste annually at its locations in California, North Carolina, Washington, Colorado, Indianapolis, Massachusetts and Texas.