PCs, cell phones and e-waste recycling

Original article translated from Korean:

“The recycling of electronic waste such as computers and mobile phones will be popular in a variety of fields ranging from as well as the resources and environmental protection, information security and marketing.”

American John Shegerian of the largest electronic waste recycling company ERI (Shegerian) President last 26 at COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul “should just lay down your computer or mobile phone should be disposed of properly, because personal information is exposed as it was in it,” he said Tuesday.

He said, “should not just look at e-waste as garbage,” “The Pentagon is also completely crushing the hard disk, because information security when disposing of the machine,” he said. A recent waste companies by the US Department of Defense computer waste properly without crushing of the Chinese I sold out to the enemies of and the Middle East, these countries will have all proved to be imported waste trying to get the information that was on the hard disk.

ERI is a mobile phone or after crushing the electronic waste such as computers, glass, plastic, iron, recycling is the largest US electronic waste re-sold to manufacturers classified as copper companies. The United States has seven factories, India , Brazil , Saudi pushing overseas plant construction and so on. Annual sales of 60 million months and Russia, South Korea LS-Nikko Copper and holds a 18% stake.

Business cards Shegerian, not the president, was one-third of the normal business card. And it made smaller to save paper. But he does not consider the recycling of electronic waste into the environment or simply resource protection. It will be wise to take advantage in marketing your business. In the United States, and that the growing number of companies that sell “green machine” made from recycled electronic waste resources. The largest US electronics retailer Best Buy signed a partnership with ERI is set to install the front desk to collect the junk electronic products in stores. It is part of seondaneun marketing the forefront of e-waste disposal.

“It’s a Best Buy Nolan is that 51% of customers of placing the waste went to four different products in the store is also to present a success and to raise sold effective marketing. “

Shegerian is not the president called” the city of miners’ themselves. Kaenae because the rare metal sales of electronic waste coming from out of town. He said the re-processing of copper is more pricey than trends in electronic waste from a copper mine dug in commodity markets due to ‘green marketing’ wind.

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