UrbanMining.org, an informational website dedicated to providing educational content for the public about the concept of urban mining, is sharing unique perspectives on urban mining from Asia, Europe, South America and other global regions, as well as locally. The site has added a series of recent regionally focused articles to its free library of articles, news stories and how-to features about urban mining, recycling and the environment.

Current perspectives on policies and procedures in China, Korea, Japan, Chile and other global urban mining hotspots are detailed among the site’s collection of articles, with more to come.

Urban mining, the process of reclaiming compounds and elements from products, buildings and waste, is a growing trend in recycling that has presented new job opportunities and environmental solutions. The UrbanMining.org website was designed to track the urban mining movement and help explain this relatively new phenomenon to the general public. A wealth of articles, information and the regularly updated library of recent news articles and dedicated features can be found at http://urbanmining.org/articles/.

“These global perspectives that we share on UrbanMining.org are very important, as they can help us understand the successes and challenges each country faces with the glut of electronic waste and what solutions they are exploring – with urban mining being the common unifying thread,” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, and parent company of UrbanMining.org. “Out of global environmental problems has sprung powerful opportunities that cannot be ignored. It’s clear that the recovery of reusable materials from unwanted or discarded sources have led us to a new level of reusing and recycling that will continue to have substantial impact on our economy and our environment.”