Notice: This article is about a third party and not about ERI.

An electronics recycler and its two top executives were convicted of lying to customers, saying they were recycling hazardous components responsibly while they sent items to developing countries.

Englewood, Colo.-based Executive Recycling and its former CEO Brandon Ritcher, 38, and former vice president of operations Tor Olson, 37, were convicted of several charges, and acquitted of several wire fraud charges.

In total, the company was convicted of nine of the 15 charges it faced. Ritcher was convicted of nine of the 16 charges he faced and Olson was convicted of eight of the 16 charges he faced.

The charges they were convicted on included mail and wire fraud, obstruction and environmental crimes related to the illegal disposal of electric waste.

The convictions came after an 11-day trial and more than two days of jury deliberations. The group was indicted in the fall of 2011.

The government alleged that the company exported cathode ray tubes to foreign countries, including China. The company exported over 300 containers between 2005 and 2008 and approximately half of those containers contained a total of 100,000 CRTs.

The exports were happening while the company claimed they were recycling the items domestically and responsibly.

The Basel Action Network originally exposed the company for sending items overseas and worked with CBS’ “60 Minutes” on a piece about the exporting issue.