UrbanMining.org, the world’s leading online urban mining brand and informational website dedicated to providing educational content on the subject, features a number of “rare earth” metals related articles on its blog.

The group of elements called rare earth metals contain special electronic and magnetic properties that make them a key component of many 21st century technologies. These 17 elements are plentiful but are found in nature in low concentrations that make them difficult to collect. As they are integral parts of cell phones, hard drives, hybrid cars, wind turbines and other products with skyrocketing demand, rare earth metals face increasing demand, too.

The articles at UrbanMining.org, including “Why Rare Earth Recycling is Rare and What We Can Do About It,” “Rare Earth Metals: Tech Manufacturers Must Think Again” and “Rare Earth Recycling,” among others, have been collected by the editors of the UrbanMining.org blog to help people better understand the issues surrounding the resource and the issues that are presented by the increasing demand.

The Urban Mining site maintains a free library of articles, news stories and how-to features about urban mining, recycling and the environment, also recently reported global environmental happenings. The full collection of articles is available here: http://urbanmining.org/

Urban mining, the process of reclaiming compounds and elements from products, buildings and waste, is a growing trend in recycling that has presented new job opportunities and environmental solutions. The UrbanMining.org website was designed to track the urban mining movement and help explain this relatively new phenomenon to the general public. A wealth of articles, information and the regularly updated library of news articles and dedicated features can be found at the site.

“With UrbanMining.org, we have vowed to help share information about the issues surrounding all aspects of urban mining, including keeping track of the precious resources such as rare earth metals,” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, and parent company of UrbanMining.org. “The educational pieces we collect and post to UrbanMining.org are very important because they bring information to the forefront that is so often unknown or misunderstood. We hope to help democratize the recycling and urban mining processes by helping people and businesses better understand what goes into it.”

Shegerian also noted that the UrbanMining.org site recently underwent an innovative redesign, making it more accessible, intuitive and user friendly.