City of Los Angeles and ERI Partner for Online Electronics Recycling Mail Back Program

LA Sanitation (LASAN) and ERI announced the official launch of the City of Los Angeles’ first-ever Electronics Recycling Mail Back Program, an online electronics recycling program. ERI is the nation’s leading recycler of electronic waste and the world’s largest cyber security-focused hardware destruction company.

The new online program enables Los Angeles County customers to conveniently mail back unwanted consumer electronic items directly to ERI for a reasonable fee. This program is geared toward residents, businesses and other organizations seeking convenience.

Specially designed boxes, available in multiple sizes, are available at website. The price of the box is all- inclusive, allowing customers to include as many devices as can fit in each box, provided the maximum weight is not exceeded.

The flat rate of the official “Electronics Recycling Boxes” is $30, $65 or $90, depending on size. The price of each box includes:

  • Fast delivery of new, empty box;
  • Return shipping to ERI’s processing facility;
  • Highest environmental certifications;
  • NAID-certified secure data destruction;
  • An official certificate of recycling.

“It’s a tremendous honor and privilege for ERI to be partnering once again with our friends in the great City of Los Angeles and providing responsible, effective recycling of its electronic waste,” said John Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of ERI. “As someone who spends a great majority of my time here in LA, it’s a humbling and rewarding experience to be able to help the City do the right thing and develop a program to help people here effectively and responsibly recycle their e-waste – the fastest growing waste stream in the world today – and keep toxic electronics out of landfills!”

The program goal is to make electronics recycling as easy as possible for LA County customers, and those unable to transport unwanted electronics to recycling centers themselves.

“By offering more options for our customers to recycle their electronic waste, we are living up to our mission of protecting public health and the environment,” said Executive Director and General Manager, Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E., “Now customers can choose between visiting one of several S.A.F.E. Center locations or having a box delivered right to their doors.”

To learn more about the program, visit

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