John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of ERI, the nation’s leading fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, delivered the event-opening keynote presentation at the E-Waste World Conference & Expo at Kap Europa in Frankfurt, Germany, last week.

For the show-opener, Shegerian shared his presentation, “Recycling Electronics: Protecting the Planet…and Your Privacy” to the international gathering of electronic recyclers, manufacturers and sustainability experts. During the presentation, he shared the very real dangers of hardware hacking and how the problem has evolved and triggered new regulatory and operational challenges on a global level. He also stressed that as new technologies continue to emerge, recycling of older electronics is more important than ever.

Shegerian was also featured later in the day as the moderator for the group panel discussion on technological innovation titled, “Maximizing the Value of E-Waste Through Advanced Innovations” featuring spokespeople from BRAIN AG, Recenso / UMS, Conestoga College and AMP Robotics.

The E-Waste World Conference & Expo is a two-day international conference and exhibition dedicated to discussing the latest recycling technology, materials-recovery solutions, green electronics, sustainable materials, non-toxic substitutes, and end-of-life strategies, as well as regulatory and business models to help reduce the environmental impact of all forms of consumer and industrial e-waste. The event brought together more than 80 globally renowned experts from consumer and industrial electronics manufacturers and suppliers, e-waste recyclers and waste management companies, recycling technology manufacturers, materials recovery experts, sustainable material and chemical suppliers, science and academia, policy-makers, NGOs, research institutions and consultants.

“It was a great honor and privilege to be invited to present here at the E-Waste World conference in Frankfurt, sharing vital information about the dual responsibility we all have to responsibly recycle our e-waste while we protect data and privacy at the same time,” said Shegerian. “This event is vitally important to organizations of all shapes and sizes, because it gives thought leaders from all over the world the opportunity to share what they know and discuss vital best practices. Business leaders need to reach out across continents and communicate if we are to problem-solve and work together to create solutions that protect our privacy and security.”