ERI, the nation’s largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company, announced today that it is now 100% carbon neutral for all of its operational emissions nationwide.

Through years of dedication towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint along with its partnership with TIME CO2 (and the platform), ERI has announced its official status as a fully carbon neutral organization. The announcement distinguishes ERI as the world’s first electronic recycling and ITAD company to achieve carbon neutral status.

“We’re incredibly proud to have voluntarily taken this critical next step in our ongoing mission to protect the planet,” said ERI’s Chairman/CEO John Shegerian. “We have been working towards being carbon neutral since our very inception, implementing carbon-reducing measures such as recycled furniture, zero emission vehicles used by our sales team, energy efficient lighting, electric forklifts on our facility floors, shifting to off-peak demand energy usage, fleet management, uniquely paper-efficient business cards, and more.

“To bridge the remaining carbon gap from our operations, we selected the platform because it enables us to maximize our impact through a high-quality climate action portfolio,” added Shegerian. “Backed by science and verified by independent third parties,’s mission, like ERI’s, is to increase the scale and quality of climate action towards a net zero, nature positive world.”

ERI’s offset efforts are directly channeled to like-minded climate projects that have been vetted from every angle. The portfolio covers the three pillars of carbon mitigation: CO2 removal, emissions reduction, and the protection of high-value carbon stores.

“It’s exciting to work with ERI – an organization with a passion to do the right thing for the environment,” said Simon Mulcahy, CEO of TIME CO2 and President of Sustainability at TIME. “Each project in ERI’s climate action portfolio from has been carefully selected according to rigorous qualification criteria that align with the latest science. We look forward to continuing our support for ERI on their climate journey with quality climate metrics, insights and updates, and communication tools. ERI has shown climate leadership that will inspire other companies to integrate quality climate action into their business.”

No stranger to climate leadership and sustainability initiatives, ERI works with all of its partners and customers to increase the volume of material captured within a closed loop. With its longstanding dedication to ESG, ERI is the recipient of an overall “A” rating (the highest grade ever awarded to a company in ERI’s industry) from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics tool, which measures progress towards a circular economy.

“We’re proud of our sustainability history, but we’re far from done,” added Shegerian. “We know we can continue to do more at our facilities to be even better. We’re continuing to expand our goals through evaluation of renewables at our facilities, EV trucks, and countless other projects to reduce our carbon footprint. As we continue to grow as an organization, we want to keep our climate impact from growing with us. There is no finish line in the world of sustainability – we can all always do more.”