Every March, Dark Rhino Security acknowledges the incredible women and female-owned organizations making their mark worldwide, and this year our very own Tammy Shegerian has been recognized as one of these women. Consistent with this year’s theme of media and storytelling, Dark Rhino Security asked Tammy to speak on her experience as a woman in business as well as how she uses her pedigree to inspire other women in the industry.

“As a woman in the cybersecurity and tech realm, it is critical to share what you have learned with the next generation of professionals by mentoring other women. It is also hugely beneficial to pay your own experiences forward by promoting other talented women into leadership positions. At ERI, for example, some of our most valued roles and positions at the company – including my own role as President & Chief Revenue Officer – are represented by women. Our Senior Vice President of Human Relations, VP of Finance, VP of our Retail Division, and Chief of Staff positions have all been held for many years by talented and seasoned women. These positions are a direct result of our unwavering and long-standing commitment to gender diversity, which I believe is vital in our industry, and that I hope other tech companies will replicate. It is also important to embrace principles of social equality such as gender pay equity so that talented women are given a level playing field in which to excel”

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