From the nation’s largest cities to its smaller, more rural communities, ERI builds customized electronics recycling programs to meet residents’ unique needs.

ERI works one-on-one with local governments to design, set-up and execute electronics collection programs that address community requirements and government capabilities, as well as local and federal regulations.

With more than 10 years of experience, ERI is an expert in the responsible recycling of electronic devices, paying the utmost attention to security concerns and environmental safety. Whether hosting a recycling collection event for residents or disposing of government-issued electronic devices, ERI is committed to the highest industry standards for data destruction and environmental health and safety.

When an electronic device arrives at an ERI facility, it is immediately registered and assigned a serial number, enabling ERI and you to track your device through its end-of-life using our industry-first barcode tracking system, MyTrackTech. Following registration, the device’s data is wiped in accordance with Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology protocol to ensure any sensitive government or resident information is completely destroyed.

Electronics devices are then refurbished, sorted for parts or sent to ERI’s state-of-the art shredders to be broken down into raw commodities, which are sent directly to our downstream partners to be recycled or repurposed.

  • First electronics recycler in the nation to be dual-certified by e-Stewards and R2
  • 100-percent guaranteed data destruction
  • Transparent and real-time reporting with MyTrackTech
  • Ensured compliance with environmental standards and handling guidelines
  • No Exporting policy

When partnering with ERI, local governments can rest assured that no part of any electronic device will end up in a landfill. ERI is the only electronics recycler to be certified by both e-Stewards and R2, and requires its partners to abide by it strict zero-waste, zero-export policy. MyTrackTech, offering point-to-point tracking, further reduces the environmental liability of your local government by verifying electronic devices are recycled in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

ERI offers local communities and governments a one-stop electronics recycling solution, servicing every zip code in the United States with direct pick-up at client location, self-ship programs direct to ERI, white glove service and staging trailers.

For more information on how ERI can help your local government implement a responsible electronics recycling program, call us at 1-800-ERI-DIRECT or request a quote here.


  • Up to 80 percent of e-waste is sent to developing countries.
  • U.S. consumer cyberattacks in 2014 averaged $5.85 million per breach.
  • The average cost per record compromised was $201 per record.
  • Just 1GB of data can equal up to 675,000 pages of information.
  • Most computer hard drives are 500GB, meaning they can contain up to 337.5 million pages of information!
  • The two most common causes of data breaches are viruses/malware & misappropriated e-waste.
  • Average profit per stolen medical record is $20,000, compared to $2,000 for standard ID theft.
  • The cost of data breaches is rising – up 15 percent globally in 2014.

ERI is the largest fully integrated electronics & IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. 

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