Technological innovation only continues to accelerate, driving greater competition between fledgling start-ups, major consumer goods manufacturers and even single developers. And with competition comes the need for secrecy and the potential for information leaks and breaches. The race to be the first to market is fierce, making it imperative that tech firms and companies responsibly recycle their mobile phones, hard drives and other electronic devices to prevent losing their competitive edge.

With more the 10 years of experience recycling electronic devices, ERI puts a premium on safeguarding your data security. When an electronic device arrives at an ERI facility, it is assigned a serial number and registered in our proprietary tracking software, Optech™. This allows both clients and ERI to verify devices and data are secure until final disposition.

ERI follows the strictest protocol for destroying data, wiping or degaussing electronic devices in accordance with Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology protocol to ensure complete data destruction and security – regardless of whether a device is repurposed, sorted into parts or shredded.

If a device is obsolete, it is sent to ERI’s state-of-the art shredders to be finely shredded, broken down into raw commodities and sent to our downstream partners, guaranteeing 100 percent of a device is recycled.

ERI and its downstream partners follow a strict zero-exporting policy that protects the environment from harsh chemicals and toxins, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations and handling guidelines.

As the lifecycle for existing technology shortens and the demand for constant innovation only grows, responsibly recycling electronic devices is critical to keeping your data secure and sensitive information private. As the world’s leading electronic device recycler, ERI can work with you to build a recycling solution customized to your firm’s needs and unique operations.

For more information on how ERI can help secure your success, call us at 1-800-ERI-Direct or request a quote.

  • First electronics recycler in the nation to be dually certified by e-Stewards and NAID AAA
  • 100 percent guaranteed data destruction
  • Transparent and real-time reporting with Optech™
  • Ensured compliance with environmental standards and handling guidelines
  • No Exporting policy


  • Up to 80 percent of e-waste is sent to developing countries.
  • U.S. consumer cyber-attacks in 2014 averaged $5.85 million per breach.
  • The average cost per record compromised was $201 per record.
  • Just 1 gigabyte of data can equal up to 675,000 pages of information.
  • Most computer hard drives are 500GB, meaning they can contain up to 337.5 million pages of information!
  • The two most common causes of data breaches are viruses/malware & misappropriated e-waste.
  • The cost of data breaches is rising – up 15 percent globally in 2014.

ERI is the largest fully integrated Electronics & IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States.

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