One of the most common materials that ERI accepts for recycling is cell phones. Cell phones make up an increasingly large share of the electronic waste marketplace, as today’s average consumer replaces his or her cell phone every nine months. Therefore, it is more important than ever that used, broken and obsolete cell phones are handled in an environmentally safe manner.

ERI handles all cell phones that pass through its recycling facilities using advanced environmentally responsible processes. Any personal data contained on the phone is safely wiped, ensuring that no personal information is able to be passed along.

ERI believes that cell phones should be refurbished whenever possible and resold on the secondary market. Why let a perfectly good phone in like-new condition go to waste?

For any cell phones that must be or are requested to be destroyed, ERI safely breaks down each device into sortable commodities like plastics, low-grade and high-grade metals and glass using its proprietary shredder technology. This shredding process also confirms that all personal data on the device is destroyed.

Each of ERI’s recycling facilities across the U.S. are dual certified by NAID AAA and e-Stewards, guaranteeing that all reclaimed materials stay out of landfills and remain within the U.S. as reusable commodities.