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  • Population: 6,666,818
  • % of US Population: 2.0468%

  • State E-Waste Program

    Producer Responsibility Program

  • Landfill/Disposal Ban

    Indiana has a ban on computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, printers and various other electronic devices that became effective 1/1/2011.

  • Program Website
  • Program Type

    Manufacturer Operated Program

  • Quick Summary

    Manufacturers of video display devices (VDDs) must collect and recycle or arrange for the collection and recycling of 60% by weight of the VDDs they sell to Indiana households. Manufacturers are able to count the collection of covered electronic devices (CEDs) of any brand from any Indiana covered entity toward meeting their 60% recycling obligation.

  • Manufacturers

    Computer Monitors, Laptops, Televisions, Netbooks, Notebooks, Tablets, E-readers

  • Important Deadlines
  • Eligible Products

    Computer Monitors, Laptops, Televisions, Computers, Peripherals (Printers, Keyboards, Mice), Fax Machines, DVD Players, VCRs, Gaming Systems, Digital Photo Frames, Digital Media Players, iPods/MP3 Players, Camcorders/Cameras, DVR/TiVo Devices, Cable Boxes, Satellite Boxes, Portable GPS Navigation Systems

  • Eligible Entities to Collect From

    Households, Public Schools, Small Businesses (=100 FTEs)

  • Recycling Obligation

    60% by weight of sales

  • Convenience Requirements


  • Recycler Requirements

    Must register and submit an annual report to IDEM.

  • Collector Requirements

    Must register and submit an annual report to IDEM.

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  • State Agency

    Indiana Department of Environmental Management

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