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North Carolina

  • Population: 10,273,419
  • % of US Population: 3.1541%

  • State E-Waste Program

    Producer Responsibility Program

  • Landfill/Disposal Ban

    North Carolina has a ban on computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, and keyboards/mice that became effective 7/1/2011.

  • Program Website
  • Program Type

    Manufacturer Operated Program

  • Quick Summary

    Manufacturers of covered devices must implement recovery plans. Manufacturers of computer equipment must implement a recovery plan choosing from one of the three levels of Computer Equipment Recycling Plans specified in the North Carolina law to take back, at a minimum, their own brand of computer equipment. Manufacturers of televisions are responsible for implementing their own collection and recycling plan to ensure the recycling of their market share of televisions sold to North Carolina consumers.

  • Manufacturers

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Peripherals (Keyboards, Mice), Printer Devices, Televisions

  • Important Deadlines
    • Program Year

      July 1 to June 30 of the following year

    • Registration Date

      June 30

    • Registration Form


    • Registration Fee
      Within 90 days of annual registration form submission (~ Sept. 30) Manufacturers must pay an annual registration based on the recycling plan level selected.
      • Level 1 Recycling Plan:
        • $15,000 for first program year
        • $15,000 each year thereafter
      • Level 2 Recycling Plan:
        • $10,000 for first program year
        • $7,500 each year thereafter
      • Level 3 Recycling Plan:
        • $10,000 for first program year
        • $2,500 each year thereafter
    • Recycling Plan Due Date

      Within 90 days of registration

    • Recycling Plan Form


    • Reporting Date

      October 1

    • Reporting Form


  • Eligible Products

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Printer Devices, Televisions

  • Eligible Entities to Collect From
    Households, Non-Profits (<10 FTEs)
  • Recycling Obligation

    Yes, for television manufacturer only. Determined by the NC DENR.

  • Convenience Requirements
    None for television manufacturers. Computer equipment manufacturer convenience standards depend on level of recycling plan implemented. Level 1 is having a program. Level 2 requires physical collection sites in the 10 most populated municipalities and 2 collection events annually. Level 3 requires physical collection sites in the 50 of the state’s counties, of which 10 must be the most populated counties in the state and 2 collection events annually.
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  • Collector Requirements


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  • State Agency

    North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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