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  • Population: 623,657
  • % of US Population: 0.1915%

  • State E-Waste Program

    Producer Responsibility Program

  • Landfill/Disposal Ban

    Vermont has a ban on computers, laptops, computer monitors, printers, computer peripherals, televisions, personal electronics (PDA, personal music player), electronic game consoles, fax machines, cell phones, telephones, answering machines, VCRs, DVD players, digital converter boxes, stereo equipment, and power supply cord (as used to charge electronic devices) that became effective 1/1/2011.

  • Program Website
  • Program Type

    State Operated Program

  • Quick Summary

    Under the Vermont E-Waste Law, manufacturers of covered electronic devices (CEDs) have the option of participating in a collection, transport, and recycling plan for e-waste through either a state-run standard plan or their own individual opt-out plan. Management of the state-run standard plan is conducted by a Vermont DEC approved organization. Manufacturers implementing an individual opt-out plan must follow specific guidelines for their plan and are responsible for recycling their market share percentage of the overall statewide recycling goal. Collectors, transporters, and in-state recyclers must all submit a registration form in order to participate in either the standard plan or an individual opt-out plan.

  • Manufacturers

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Printers, Televisions

  • Important Deadlines
    • Program Year

      January 1st - December 31st

    • Registration Date

      August (Annual)

    • Registration Form


    • Registration Fee

      Due July 1. Invoiced by the Vermont DEC and based on market share of the costs of administering the state-run program.

    • Recycling Plan Due Date


    • Recycling Plan Form


    • Reporting Date

      December 1 (Annual)

    • Reporting Form


  • Eligible Products

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Printers, Televisions, Computer Peripherals

  • Eligible Entities to Collect From

    Household, charity, school district in the state, or small business (=10 FTEs)

  • Recycling Obligation


  • Convenience Requirements


  • Recycler Requirements
    Must register and apply under the organization approved by the Vermont DEC. Must be, at a minimum, R2 certified and comply with the “Procedure for the Environmentally Sound Management of Electronic Devices for Collectors, Transporters, and Recyclers”.
  • Collector Requirements

    Must register and submit annual reports if collecting e-waste in Vermont.

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  • State Agency

    Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

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