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West Virginia

  • Population: 1,815,857
  • % of US Population: 0.5575%

  • State E-Waste Program

    Producer Responsibility Program

  • Landfill/Disposal Ban

    West Virginia has a ban on computers, laptops, computer monitors, and televisions that became effective 1/1/2011.

  • Program Website
  • Program Type

    Manufacturer Operated Program

  • Quick Summary

    Under the West Virginia Electronics Recycling Program, manufacturers of covered electronic devices (CEDs) can choose to implement a takeback program for their brand of CEDs from West Virginia consumers or pay a higher annual fee for not implementing a program. If a manufacturer chooses to implement their own takeback program, it must be free to consumers and reasonably convenient which can include a mail-back program, drop off center, or collection event.

  • Manufacturers

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Televisions

  • Important Deadlines
    • Program Year

      January 1 to December 31

    • Registration Date

      January 1

    • Registration Form


    • Registration Fee

      After the initial registration ($10,000 for non-program; $3,000 for a program), manufacturer must pay the following fees: $500 for manufacturers that implement a takeback program, $5,000 for manufacturers that do not implement a takeback program.

    • Recycling Plan Due Date


    • Recycling Plan Form


    • Reporting Date

      February 15

    • Reporting Form


  • Eligible Products

    Computers, Laptops, Computer Monitors, Televisions

  • Eligible Entities to Collect From

    Any entity

  • Recycling Obligation


  • Convenience Requirements


  • Recycler Requirements


  • Collector Requirements


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  • State Agency

    West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

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