As the largest fully integrated IT and Electronics Asset Disposition service provider in the United States, ERI embraces its responsibility to safeguard organizations, people, and the environment as our mission – one we achieve through our integrated facilities with state of the art technologies, rigorous standards-based methodologies, and the passion of our employees.

  • We safeguard the data, brand, and reputation of organizations. We ensure our clients organizations are in full compliance with the myriad of regulations and legislation across all industries and jurisdictions.
  • We safeguard people by ensuring their data privacy is assured and by ensuring no hazardous materials from electronic devices enter our communities; we protect our employees by meeting the highest safety standards and holding the highest safety certifications for our facilities.
  • We safeguard the environment through asset recovery/re-use, parts harvesting, and recycling to keep electronic waste out of landfills throughout the world that poses a serious threat to the environment including lead, mercury, and other harmful substances.

You may have a greater focus on one aspect or another — but all three have equal importance to us and we view each as a facet of the core ERI solution – guaranteed data destruction, reuse of electronic devices, parts, and recycling of materials to the maximum extent possible, and absolutely no exporting of e-Waste to developing countries. ERI – Safeguarding you!

ERI is the largest fully integrated Electronics & IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States.

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