January 16, 2017

Federal Agents Indict Chicago-based Electronics Recycler

The e-waste crisis has created a underscored climate of deviation and departure from regulatory control. The controls are necessary in order to ensure that electronics are properly disposed. Without them, the dangers of too much e-waste become a reality, causing pollution of air, soil and water and threatening the livelihood and health of communities.Players in […]

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January 11, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About E-waste Exporting

A 2015 report from the United Nations revealed the amount of e-waste still being exported is sizable. The study estimated that over 90 percent of worldwide e-waste is illegally traded or dumped – not recycled.As a result, a large amount of electronic waste amasses in impoverished regions and  developing countries with terrible effects on public […]

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October 6, 2016

7 Ways to Get Proactive About E-waste

Our obsession with newer and newer technologies is producing electronic waste faster than we can find sustainable places to discard them.With e-waste as the fasting growing waste stream in America, there’s no better time than now to get proactive about e-waste – particularly about recycling e-waste. The e-waste crisis is not just an American issue. […]

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August 23, 2016

7 Reasons Why the Economics of E-waste Matters

Is electronics recycling a waste of money? Opponents of the process argue the current economic state of recycling leaves much to be desired. Costs tend to trend higher than profitability. That keeps recyclers dependent on manufacturer-based state laws which can hinder things. However, the views in favor of electronics recycling are just as strong. Proponents […]

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August 1, 2016

Top 5 Green Electronics for the Office

Companies today can capitalize on the popular ‘greening’ of all things from consumer products to cars. Taking a green approach to office electronics purchases is yet another way to demonstrate your company means business when it comes to protecting the environment.  Additionally, a number of good habits in the office easily translate into energy savings […]

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July 6, 2016

Take Your Office to the Next Level of Sustainable Materials Management

Sustainable materials management (SMM) is an EPA program developed to maintain sustainable electronics manufacturing practices. Companies can capitalize on the SMM program by ensuring their electronics come from manufacturers who participate. The program bears a close relation to electronics recycling issues and current efforts in the U.S. to address the growing e-waste crisis.The EPA’s Role […]

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June 27, 2016

What To Do About the Conflict Materials in Your Electronics

While the thought of powering through your day without the use of electronics may not be appealing or even feasible, you might feel like doing so once you’ve found out they contain materials that are literally creating wars and human rights abuses halfway across the world. That’s because most electronics house chemical or mineral components that […]

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