January 23, 2023

How Data Centers Decommission & Upgrade Servers

Experts agree that most data centers should upgrade their services every three to five years. Even if a system seems to be operating well, manufacturer warranties tend to end after three years, though some will go as high as five.More importantly, IDC and Dell found that server performance drops by 14% every year. By the […]

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January 18, 2023

Why Alkaline Battery Recycling Is Critical For the Environment

In general, there are five categories of household batteries: Single-Use, Lithium Ion, Small Sealed Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel-Metal Hydride. When batteries are rechargeable, they can be used hundreds or thousands of times before they stop holding a charge and must be sent for recycling. Single-use batteries are used once and disposed of. These […]

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